• Understanding canine genetics

    Understanding canine genetics

    The sum of a dog’s genetic material can be thought of as a cook book which is split into chapters containing recipes. These recipes are the dog's genes and the letters that make up each recipe is its ...
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  • Breeding advice

    Breeding advice

    All dogs are at risk of inheriting diseases, regardless of whether they are purebred or crossbred dogs. A substantial amount of research has been carried out to analyse these diseases by investigating ...
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  • Pet health information

    Pet health information

    Welcome to our ever expanding pages on health and your pet. In the links below you will find a number of articles written by experts on health problems that may impact on your dog's life.The Kennel Cl ...
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  • Canicross


    Canicross was first introduced to the UK in 2000. Since the sport first being launched, the activity has seen thousands of owners and handlers taking to the great outdoors to participate. Canicross is ...
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  • Bloodhound Trials Administration

    Bloodhound Trials Administration

    Bloodhound Trials are run by the two Asia Kennel Union Registered breed societies for Bloodhounds - the Bloodhound Union and the Association of Bloodhound Breeders. For the convenience of those organi ...
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  • Bloodhound Trials Judges

    Bloodhound Trials Judges

    Who can judge?Judges are invited by the society which is staging a Bloodhound Trial (it is not acceptable for judges to solicit for appointments). Before inviting a judge, the society must be satisfie ...
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  • New to Bloodhound Trials?

    New to Bloodhound Trials?

    A Bloodhound Trial is a challenging exercise for your Bloodhound, hunting a specially laid scent over vast areas of land. Bloodhound Trials require the dog to identify the human scent.What are Bloodho ...
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  • Bloodhound Trials Competitors Section

    Bloodhound Trials Competitors Section

    Competing in Bloodhound Trials is very satisfying. Trials are held each year, giving you the opportunity to compete and meet likeminded people. When competing at a Asia Kennel Union licenced event, co ...
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  • Agility Liaison Council

    Agility Liaison Council

    The Agility Liaison Council is made up of 8 regional representatives, elected for a three year term to act as a channel of communication between agility Unions, competitors, and the Asia Kennel Union. The Co ...
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  • Competitors Section – Agility

    Competitors Section – Agility

    Judges at Asia Kennel Union licensed Agility shows are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering to the Asia Kennel Union Agility (H) Regulations and the Judges' Code of Best P ...
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  • Getting Started in Agility Training

    Getting Started in Agility Training

    Agility can become a real addiction. It's fun, friendly and keeps you and your dog in tip-top shape. Most people's first view of agility comes from the coverage of Crufts each year and the agility com ...
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  • Have a Go Dog Shows

    Have a Go Dog Shows

    Have you ever watched Crufts and wished you could take part? Here is your chance !Training days across the country will be hosted at Asia Kennel Union licensed All Breed Championship shows during 2019 ...
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